Save our endangered species

The Eugène Marais Foundation urges South African and other Southern African delegations to support the further banning of trade in elephant and rhino products.

During the CITES CoP17 Conference in Johannesburg (24 September – 5 October 2016) discussions will be held regarding endangered species and the trade in fauna and flora.

cites-imageAt the moment a great deal of attention is given to the fate of the African elephant and the white and black rhinos on the continent.

Poaching and trade in parts of these species have brought them close to extinction. According to informed conservationists, the ban on trade in ivory and rhino horn has helped to reduce poaching in especially East and Central Africa

This approach is essential to secure the existence of these unique animals on the African continent.

The Eugène Marais Foundation was founded to honour the legacy of Eugène Marais (1871 – 1936), well-known South African scientist, writer and journalist.

Marais is regarded as a pioneer in the field of performing research on animals in their natural environment. His observations were published amongst others in The Soul of the White Ant (1937) and The Soul of the Ape (1969). Both these books acquired classical status and are regarded as early examples of ethological literature.


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